Do you open when it’s raining?

Yes unless it’s severe weather 


What time do you typically open/close?

We open at 7pm unless in special cases 


Do you accept credit cards?

We are primarily cashless due to COVID-19


What time should we arrive?

The closer time to sunset, the longer the line will be


Can I arrive after the movie has started?

You are welcome to arrive anytime. Just remember not to interrupt the other guest.


Are Motorcycles allowed?

Yes, just keep in mind social distancing and it’s 2 or more guest per motor vehicle 


How do I hear the movie?

Tune in to the FM Radio station we provide.


What if my car battery dies?

Please follow your vehicles owners manual. And one of our staff can also assist. 


I have a pickup truck or minivan etc. Can I park backwards and sit in the trunk?

Yes, however keep in mind our house rules. Also, keep your trunk level to

the roof of your vehicle.


We have a large group coming. Can we reserve parking in advance?

There is no advanced parking reservations. Please arrive all at the same time to be certain to park near each other.


Lost and Found?

YES! Please contact our email or phone number.