The Family Drive-In Movie Experience



Reimagining the movie experience during a time of social distancing allows for the community to enjoy a one-of-kind drive-in setting from their own vehicles in a family-friendly environment.  TracksDC will cater to families and their patronage - a mix of families, adults, children, and dogs too.



TracksDC is a Drive-In Experience for the entire family while bringing the community together to safely enjoy a film at Gateway DC.  TracksDC is brought to you by Dream Team Inc.  Dream Team Inc is a Washington DC based marketing, events, and promotional company.  Furthermore, Dream Team has been involved in DC’s event community for over 15 years, successfully creating events throughout the city and neighboring areas.  Its founder, Mitch Mathis, a Washingtonian himself, calls DC his home and attributes his compassion for the community by bringing people together and making positive changes.  Fueled by the collective nostalgia for past-time fun, the comfort of a movie under the stars provides a much-welcome way to consume unique entertainment.                                     


Partnering up with Events DC is going to help fulfill the exclusive drive-in movie series experience that will offer an extra outing for all families, provide support to black-owned businesses, while providing local businesses an opportunity to make the much needed revenue.  This includes: staff, security companies, film and equipment rentals, food trucks, and local restaurants.  DC’s strong African American history and its status as a popular landing place for talented entrepreneurs all over the world has added to the city's already thriving community of black entrepreneurs. We want to continue to give these entrepreneurs and business owners a boost in their economic opportunity for growth.  In conjunction, this will allow the chance to fulfill the mission of attendees to enjoy a film with family while being socially distanced and supporting small businesses in the area.